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The Tucson conferences are biennial and are held in Tucson Arizona.

The alternate year international TSC held overseas in cooperation with partner organizations and institutions.


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  • 2020    Apr 12-18, 2020     TSC Tucson, Arizona   
  • 2019    June 25-28, 2019   TSC Interlaken, Switzerland





I.  Past Tucson TSC Conferences





April 1-8, 2018


2018  TSC  PDF:  Abstract Book and Conference Program

2018  TSC  LINK: Plenary Session Videos - NEW

2018  General Conference Information

2018 Additional Program Info




June 5-10 2017, San Diego

2017 Videos from TSC 2017 San Diego

2017 Plenary Session Videos

Thank you to our sponsor Alvin J. Clark Foundation

for support in making these videos available to the general public

Updated Program (June 1, 2017)

Book of Abstracts (May 12. 2017)

PL 1   Can Machines Be Conscious ?

Roger Penrose, Joscha Bach, Harmut Neven

PL 2   Language and Consciousness

Thomas Bever, Michael Spivey, Noam Chomsky

PL 3   Biophysics 1 - Memory Spin Anesthesia

Matthew Fisher, Travis Craddock

PL 4   Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation

Vince Clark, John Allen, Marvin Berman, Michael Rohan

PL 5   Physics, Cosmology and Consciousness

Ivette Fuentes, Brian Keating, James Tagg

PL 6   Music and the Brain

Elaine Chew, Scott Makeig

PL 7  Neuroscience and Consciousness 1

Stephen Grossberg, Georg Northoff, Philip Low

PL 8   Neuroscience and Consciousness 2 - Anomalies

Daniel Sheehan, Peter Fenwick, Lakhmir Chawla

PL 9  Biophysics Memristors in the Brain?

Leon Chua, Jack Tuszynski

PL 10 Neuroscience and Consciousness 3

Gentry Patrick, VS Ramachandran, Charles Stevens

PL 11 Vibrations, Resonance and Consciousness

Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Jonathan Schooler, Erick Viirre

PL 12 Eastern Philosophy

Xu Yingjin, Deepak Chopra*

PL 13 Origin and Evolution of Life and Consciousness

Bruce Damer, Alysson Muotri, Stuart Hameroff


Consciousness Central

The Daily Show Interviews with Speakers and Guests




Deepak Chopra - How We Create the Human Universe

Integrated DEI East-West Forum

TSC 2017 Vision Talk Prof. PS Satsangi


Conference Photos - A Collection of Daily Folders 





Apr 25-30, 2016; Venue: Loews Ventana Canyon


Plenary   PL1-PL12 - Bios 

PL 1 - Five Roads to Consciousness - Stanislas Dehaene, Anil Seth, Stuart Hameroff
PL 2 - Brain Biology - Rudolph Tanzi, Selen Atasoy, Anirban Bandyopadhyay
PL 3 - Consciousness and Reality - Deepak Chopra, David Chalmers
PL 4 - Five Roads to Consciousness 2 - Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Richard Brown, Jakob Hohwy
PL 5 - Conscious Intention and Free Will - Aaron Schurger
Panel: R. Kastner, D. Sheehan, R. Gruber, M. Nowakowski, M. Vuorre, J. Mossbridge
PL 6 - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Consciousness - Hartmut Neven, Christian Szegedy
PL 7 - Quantum Approaches 1 - Henry Stapp, Kelvin McQueen, Alyssa Ney
PL 8 - Evolution and Consciousness - Terrence Deacon, Katherine Peil
PL 9 - Pribram Session - Brain Dynamics - Anthony Hudetz, Gyorgy Buzsaki, Karen Shanor
PL 10 - Scale and Connectivity - Alison Gopnik, Robin Carhart-Harris, Martin Monti
PL 11 - Quantum Approaches 2 - Dean Radin, Stuart Kauffman
PL 12 - Anomalous Conscious Experience - George Mashour, Jimo Borjigin, Peter Fenwick

2016 Plenary Bios 

2016 TSC "The Science of Consciousness" - Book of Abstracts and Program

2016 Plenary Videos (youtube)  

2016 Plenary Videos (iTunes) 

2016 TSC 2016 Feature for 2016 TSC Tucson 

2016 Consciousness Chronicles-Videos

2016 Consciousness Central - The Daily Show from TSC Tucson

2016 Consciousness Central 2016 Tucson

           Consciousness Chronicles

"Science of Consciousness Conference Is Carnival of the Mind"
by George Johnson

"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 1
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 2
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 3
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 4 
by John Horgan  


JCS Vol. 23, No. 9-10, September/October 2016 ...

2016/Conference Report. 226 All Roads Lead to Consciousness: The Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2016.

by Logan T. Trujillo ...


2016 Stuart Hameroff Address to Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

2016 Book, Consciousness: Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives

2016 Conference Trailer - Video

2016 Conference Flyer PDF-Final

2016 Conference Release 1

2016 JPEG artwork-flyer 

The Science of Consciousness Asks Big Questions- UA AHSC Memo
TSC Playlist - Consciousness Central 2015 Helsinki
Nick Day, Brief for 2016

2016 Sponsors: Center for Consciousness Studies, Tucson, Arizona; Center for Consciousness Science, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dennis Balson; Mani L. Bhaumik; The Chopra Foundation; Crystal Globe Conscious Enterprises; Alvin J. Clark;
Ron Gruber; Sofia University; Quantum Gravity Research; YetTaDeL Foundation



TUCSON TSC 11 - 20th Anniversary  

Apr 21-26, 2014       



Tucson 2014  20th Anniversary
PL 1 - The Hard Problem - 20 Years On - David Chalmers, Daniel C. Dennett, Donald Hoffman
PL 2 - Attention and Consciousness - Michael S.A. Graziano, Alison Gopnik, Ned Block
PL 3 - Keynote - Consciousness and The Laws of Physics - Sir Roger Penrose
PL 4 - Subjectivity and Objectivity - John Searle, Rebecca Goldstein, Deepak Chopra
PL 5 - Brain Networks and Consciousness - Bernard Baars, Henry Markram, Karl Deisseroth
PL 6 - Time and Consciousness - David Eagleman, Julia Mossbridge
PL 7 - Vision and Neural Correlates of Consciousness - Russell Hurlburt, Mary Peterson, Petra Stoerig
PL 8 - Integrated Information Theory - Christof Koch, Giulio Tononi
PL 9 - Quantum Approaches: Twenty Years On - Max Tegmark, Stuart Hameroff, Anirban Bandyopadhyay
PL 10- Death and Consciousness - George A. Mashour, Stuart Hameroff, Susan Blackmore
PL 11- Mind Uploading - Kenneth Kayworth, Natasha Vita-More
PL 12 - Panel - The Next 20 Years

2014 TSC Conference Program and Book of Abstracts

-Happy Birthday CCS-

It was 20 Years Ago Today - A short film for CCS of early clips and

-20th Anniversary Poster  

Brain Mapping Symposium, S. Hameroff, Chair;  Henry Markram,

Christof Koch, Anirban Bandyopadhyay, University of Arizona, College of Medicine

Sponsored by The Center for Consciousness Studies, April 24, 2014 

Plenary 9, April 25, 2014- Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference, Tucson April 21-26, 2014

M.E.Tegmark, Consciousness as a State of Matter; Stuart Hameroff, Quantum Vibrations In Microtubules - 'Orch Or' - 20 Years On;

Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Opening "Pandora's Box": Direct Measurement of Microtubule Bundle Resonance in a Live Neuronal Axon Suggests Scale-Invariant Brain Dynamics Extends Inside Neurons, 2014

TSC-2014 Plenary sessions and past events of the Center for Consciousness

Studies Conference (CCS-UA Itunes)

2014 Consciousness Central

2014 Consciousness Chronicles

PBS Closer to Truth feature coverage of the 20th Anniversary

Closer to Truth with Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn; individual interviews with:

Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, John Searle, Susan Blackmore, Ned Block

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, Deepak Chopra, Michael Graziano

Does Consciousness Cause the Cosmos: Stuart Hameroff with RL Kuhn

The Chopra Well, Host Deepak Chopra: A Conversation with Stuart Hameroff

20 Years of Looking Back with David Chalmers, Loyola Productions Munich

20 Years of TSC Looking Back with Harald Atmanspacher

20 Years of TSC Looking Ahead with Robert Van Gulick

20 Years of TSC Looking Back with Godehard Brüntrup

20 Years of TSC Looking Back and Ahead with Stuart Hameroff

New Thinking Allowed - Conversations with Host Jeffrey Mishlove

Part 1 Possibilities Within Microtubules with Stuart Hameroff

Part 6 Consciousness and the Brain with Stuart Hameroff

The Deeper You Go - Film by Lora Nigro, Kevin Rutowski Vincent Gaudes: Interviews: A Documentary on Consciousness

The Deeper You Go: The Interviews: YouTube

Arizona Public Media Interview with Stuart Hameroff, Interdisciplinary Consciousness

Conference Celebrates 20 Years, host Anna Augustowska, 2014 

David Chalmers/Stuart Hameroff Singing Ad - It was 20 Years Ago Today

Stuart Hameroff Headshot

'Darwin Versus Deepak': Which Came First, Feelings, or the Brain?

S. Hameroff, Huffington Post, 6/2/15

Why Can't The World's Greatest Minds Solve the Mystery of Consciousness?

by Oliver Burkeman, January 21, 2015

The Guardian Audio - Long Read 30:37

Is your brain really a computer, or is it a quantum orchestra tuned to the universe?

-- With a historical review of the Tucson Conferences

Stuart Hameroff, INTERALIA Magazine



Apr 9-14, 2012             


Tucson 2012
PL 1 - War of Worldviews: Primary Consciousness Versus Materialism - Deepak Chopra, M. Kafatos, L. Mlodinow, S.Blackmore
PL 2 - Searching for Consciousness - Melanie Boly, George Mashour, Antonio Zadra
PL 3 - Attention Without Awareness? Robert Kentridge, Jesse Prinz
PL 4 - Fractal Consciousness - Stuart Hameroff, Biyu Jade He, Peter Walling
PL 5 - Debate: HOT or NOT -Ned Block, David Rosenthal, Hakwan Lan, Victor Lamme
PL 6 - Identifying The Brain's Awareness System - Lessons from Coma and Related States - Steven Laureys
PL 7 - Echolocation and Consciousness - Daniel Kish, Lore Thaler, Cynthia Moss

PL 8 - Feeling the Future - Daryl Bem
PL 9 - The Explanatory Gap - Kevin O'Regan, Anthony Jack, Philip Goff
PL 10 - Time and Brain - Geoffrey Lee, Eve Isham, Moshe Gur, Ronald Gruber
PL 11 - Consciousness and Hallucinogens - Robin Carhart-Harris, Katherine MacLean

               Season 2, Episode 1, Part 2  aired: June 8, 2011, modr., Morgan Freeman

Miracle Detectives, The Science of Consciousness, OWN, Feb 2011



Apr 12-17, 2010          



Tucson 2010
PL 1 - William James Centennial - Eugene Taylor, Bernard Baars, Bruce Mangan
PL 2 - Brain Dark Matter and Default Mode Networks -Stuart Hameroff for Marcus Raichle
PL 2 - Brain Energy Supports the State of Consciousness - Robert G. Shulman
PL 3 - Bodily Awareness - Henrik Ehrsson, Frederique De Vignemont
PL 4 - Computational Models of Consciousness - Dharmendra Modha, Ben Goertzel, Marc Ebner
PL 5 - Multimodal Experience - Patricia Lynn Duffy, Barry Stein, Casey O'Callaghan, Michael Proulx
PL 6 - The Singularity - A Philosophical Analysis - David Chalmers
PL 7 - Transformation of Consciousness - Cassandra Vieten, Jeffery Martin, Za Choeje Rinpoche
PL 8 - The Neural Self - Antonio Damasio
PL 9 - Theories of Consciousness - Sid Kouider, Robert Van Gulick, Galen Strawson
PL 10 - New Directions in NCC Research - Michal Gruberger, Moran Cerf, Adrienne Prettyman/Stephen Biggs/Anirban Bandyopadhyay
PL 11 - Science Fiction and Consciousness - Robert Sawyer
PL 12 - Mindwandering and Consciousness - Jonathan Schooler, Malia Mason, Jonathan Smallwood

2010 TSC Book of Abstracts     freado version    

TEDx Brussels 2010 Stuart Hameroff - Do We Have a Quantum Soul?

2010 Plenary Videos (youtube)  

2010 Plenary Videos (iTunes) 



Apr 8-12, 2008             


Tucson 2008
PL 1 - Attention and Consciousness - Christof Koch, Stanisloas Dehaene, Michael Tye

PL 2 - Libet, Intention and the Timing of Conscious Experience - William Banks, Francesca Carota, Susan Pockett, Daniel Sheehan

PL 3 - Spreading the Joy - Why Consciousness is Still in the Head - Andy Clark
PL 4 - Sex and Consciousness - Barry Komisaruk, Jenny Wade, Stanley Krippner, Torsten Passie, Kleopatra Ormos
PL 5 - Is Consciousness Local or Global? - Bernard Baars, Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Rafael Malach
PL 6 - Consciousness - A Dynamical State? - Wolf Singer
PL 7 - First-Person Methodologies and Richness of Consciousness - Eric Schwitzgebel, Chris Heavey, Susanna Siegel
PL 8 - Sub-Nural and Quantum Factors in Consciousness - Gustav Bernroider, Stuart Hameroff,
PL 9 - Brain Imaging and Mind Reading - Adrian Owen, Frank Tong, Daniel Langleben
PL 10 - Anomalies of Consciousness - Rupert Sheldrake, Dick Bierman
PL 11 - Psychedelics and Consciousness - Thomas Ray, Frank Echenhofer
PL 12 - Development of Consciousness - Alison Gopnik, Philip Zelazo, Sarah Akhter

2008 TSC Book of Abstracts

2008 Audiotapes

2008 Tucson Program web



Apr 4-8, 2006                                                             







Tucson 2006

PL 1 - The Neural Correlate of Consciousness - Walter Freeman, Ralph Freeman, Hakwan Lau
PL 2 - Dream Debate - J Allan Hobson, Mark Solms
PL 3 - Information Integration Theory of Consciousness - Giulio Tononi
PL 4 - Cosmology, Biology and Consciousness - Paul Davies, Michael VL Bennett
PL 5 - Meditation - John Dunne, Antoine Lutz, Marilyn Schlitz
PL 6 - Strange Loops - Downward Causation, Distributed Consciousness - Douglas Hofstadter
PL 7 - Self Representation - Uriah Kriegel, David Rosenthal, Robert van Gulick
PL 8 - Dualism Revisted - John Searle
PL 9 - Consciousness and Chronic Vegetative States - Nicholas Schiff, Melanie Boly, Orlando Castejon
PL 10- Visual Fading - Susana Martinez-Conde, Daniel Simons, Peter De Weerd
PL 11- I thnk in Pictures Instead of Language - Temple Grandin
PL 12- Virtual Reality and Representation - Maria Sanchez-Vives, Steven Lehar, Paavo Pylkkanen

2006 TSC Abstracts    

2006 TSC Audiotapes

2006 TSC Pics



Apr 7-11, 2004  


Tucson 2004 - missing online link
Ned Block, Daniel Dennett, Martha Farah, Jeffrey Gray, Joshua Greene, Terry Horgan, Christof Koch, Victor Lamme, David Leopold, Janet Metcalfe, Alva Noe, Roger Penrose, Steven Pinker, Thomas Ray, Ronald Rensink, Wendy Shields, Alexander Shulgin, Zoltan Torey, Franz Vollenweider, Daniel Wegner, and others. WK: Baars/McGovern, Blackmore, Kriegel, LaBerge, Hameroff, Koch, Krippner, Rensink, Tart, Thompson      


2004 Audiotapes

2003 PBS Series Two Season 1 "Closer to Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future" 15:15 "Is Consciousness Definable?"

J. Bogen, C. Koch, L. Brothers and S. Hameroff



Apr 8 -12, 2002  


Tucson 2002
PL 1 Sensory Substitution 1: Visual Consciousness in Blind Subjects? - Paul Bach-y-Rita, Peter Meijer, Pat Fletcher
PL 2 Sensory Substitution 11: Neural Plasticity in Crossmodal Perception - Mriganka Sur, Alva Noe,
PL 3 Neural Correlates of Meditative Experience - Andrew Newberg, Fred Travis, Antoine Lutz
PL 4 Consciousness and Unconscious Decision-Making - Elkhonon Goldberg, Michael N. Shadlen, Ranulfo Romo
PL 5 Binocular Rivalry and the NCC - Randolph Blake, Sheng He
PL 6 The Contents of Consciousness - Michael Tye, Susan Blackmore, Philip Pettit
PL 7 Emotion and Consciousness - Alfred W. Kaszniak, Ralph Adolphs, Dick Bierman

PL 8 Machine Consciousness - Ray Kurzweil, Rodney Brooks
PL 9 Consciousness in Action - Vittorio Gallese, Jeffrey D. Schall, Daniella Meeker
PL 10 Is There Pure Consciousness? Barry Dainton, Jonathan Shear
PL 11 Art and the Brain - V.S. Ramachandran, Semir Zeki, Amy Ione
PL 12 Consciousness and Wakefulness in Sleep and Coma - Carlos Schenck, Nicholas Schiff, Petra Stoerig
PL 13 Nonclassical Brain Processes - Andrew Duggins, Nancy Woolf
PL 14 Downward Causation and Consciousness - Claus Emmeche, Dean Radin, William S. Robinson

Tucson2002 photos

2002 Audiotapes 

2001 Toward a Science of Consciousness 2001: Consciousness & its Place in Nature



Apr 10-15, 2000 



Tucson 2000
PL 1 Neurobiological Models of Consciousness - Gerald Edelman, John Taylor, John O'Keefe
PL 2 What Can an Achromat Know About Color Experience? Knut Nordby, Kathleen Akins
PL 3 First-Person Methodologies - Russell Hurlburt, B. Alan Wallace
PL 4 Is Visual Consciousness a Grand Illusion? Kevin O'Regan, Arien Mack, Jeremy Wolfe
PL 5 Ayahuasca and Consciousness - Luis Eduardo Luna, Benny Shanon
PL 6 Does Consciousness Require Self-Consciousness? Robert van Gulick, Susan Blackmore, Susan Hurley
PL 7 Is Neural Synchrony the Key to Consciousness? Andreas Engel, Christoph von der Malsburg, Franciso Varela, Keith Sutherland
PL 8 What is the Relationship Between Consciousness and Volition? Daniel Wegner, John Searle, Chris Frith
PL 9 Synaesthesia - Carol Crane, Peter Grossenbacher, Jason Mattingley
PL 10 Verbal Reports as a Guide to Consciousness - Lawrence Weiskrantz, Jonathan Schooler, Adam Zeman
PL 11 Is Quantum Computation Relevant to Consciousness? Gerard Milburn, David Albert, Stuart Hameroff
PL 12 Meditation and Consciousness - Shinzen Young, David Schnyer
PL 13 Neural Correlates if Conscious Vision and Imagery - Stephen Kosslyn, Nancy Kanwisher, Ihtzak Fried
PL 14 Consciousness and the Millennium: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? Bernard Baars, David Chalmers, Christof

2000 TSC   

Audiotapes 2000


1998  Tucson TSC 3    

Apr 27-May 2, 1998



Tucson 1998
PL1 The Self - G. Strawson, M.S. Gazzaniga, J. Shear
PL 2 Implicit Processes - A.G. Greenwald, R.L. Abrams, P. Merikle, M. Daneman
PL 3 Pathways of Visual Consciousness - D. Milner, M. Goodale, M. Mishkin
PL 4 Sleep and Dreaming - B. McNaughton, J.A. Hobson, D. Kahn, E. Pace-Schott, S. LaBerge
PL 5 Integrative Perspectives, C. Koch, M. Tye
PL 6 Color and Consciousness - S.E. Palmer, L. Hardin, M. Nida-Rumelin
PL 7 Transpersonal Psychology - F. Vaughan, H. Hunt, M. Schlitz
PL 8 Emotional Experience and the Brain - A.W. Kaszniak, S.L. Reminger, S.Z. Rapsak, E.L Glisky, R.D. Lane, E.M. Reiman, G.E. Schwartz
PL 9 Evolution and Function of Consciousness - S. Mithen, W.H. Calvin, A.G. Cairns-Smith

PL 10 Evolution and Function of Consciousness II - R.L. Gregory, N. Humphrey
PL 11 The Explanatory Gap - J. Levine, C. McGinn, G. Rosenberg
PL 12 Culture and Consciousness - A. Zajonc, C. Laughlin, M. Winkelman
PL 13 Blindsight - R. Stoerig, A. Cowey, R. Goebel, R.W. Kentridge, C.A. Heywood, L. Weiskrantz
PL 14 Space, Time and Consciousness - P. Hut, K. Yasue, B.J. Hiley
PL 15 Neural Correlates of Consciousness - B.J. Baars, A. Revonsuo, J.B. Newman
PL 16 Aesthetics and Consciousness - C.W. Tyler, T. Grodal, A. Bergesen

Complete program including abstracts/ Selected papers published by MIT Press
Toward a Science of Consciousness: The Third Tucson Discussions and Debates,1999

Abstracts  plus   Reviews New York Times,   New Scientist,   Journal of Consciousness Studies,  Scientific American

Audiotapes 1998

The First Toward a Scientific Basis for Consciousness MIT Press, 1996


1996  Tucson TSC 2  

Apr 8-13, 1996      

Toward a Science of Consciousness II


Tucson 1996

PL 1 Approaching the Hard Problem - M. Lockwood, J.A. Grey, R.N. Shepard, P. Hut, D.C. Dennett
PL 2 Neural Correlates of Consciousness - R. Llinas, J.A. Hobson, J. Bogen, S. Greenfield
PL 3 Consciousness and Folk Psychology - C. Blakemore, D. Hodgson
PL 4 Can Machines be Conscious? D.Hillis, J. Lanier, D.E. Rumelhart, C.L. Lisetti, R. Penrose
PL 5 Interspecies Communication and Cognition - S. Savage-Rumbaugh, D. Reiss, I.M. Pepperberg, P. Bloom
PL 6 Transpersonal Psychology - C.T. Tart, R. Walsh
PL 7 The Role of Primary Visual Cortex in Conscious Vision - P. Stoerig, R. Turner, D. Sagi, N. Block
PL 8 Medicine and Consciousness - N. Franks, W.R. Lieb, A.T. Weil
PL 9 Quantum Processes in the Brain - D. Nanopoulos, P.S. Churchland, S. Hameroff, R. Penrose
PL 10 The Role of Extrastriate Visual Cortex in Conscious Vision - C. Koch, R. Tootell, A.M. Dale, J.B. Reppas, M.I. Sereno, B.R. Rosen
PL 11 Integrative Perspectives - P. M. Churchland, D. J. Chalmers
PL 12 Phenomenology and Experiential Approaches - J.R. Searle, F.J. Varela, M. Velmans, R.K.C. Forman
PL 13 Current Directions in Parapsychology - D.J. Bem, R.D. Nelson, D.I. Radin, S. Blackmore, D. Bierman
PL 14 Functions of Consciousness - V.S. Ramachandran, D. L Schacter
PL 15 Consciousness and the Physical World - H. P. Stapp, A.C. Elitzur, A. Scott

The Times Higher, April 5, 1996                                                                                                                                                   

Special Edition

Toward a New Science of the Mind: Tucson 1996

1996 Feature Video -Toward a Science of Consciousness; discussion of the 1996 Conference and early comments

from Daniel Dennett, David Chalmers, John Searle        

Toward a Science of Consciousness II | The MIT Press

1996 Audiotapes      


1994  Tucson TSC 1     

Apr 12-17, 1994 


Tucson 1994

Philosophy of Mind - Owen Flanagan, Alvin Goldman, David Chalmers
Cognitive Approaches - Bernard Baars, John Kihlstrom, David Galin
Observations of Consciousness - EM Reiman, RJ Davidson, LR Talbot, James Whinnery
Perspectives From Pathology - Alfred Kaszniak, Victor Mark, Polly Henninger
Neurobiology of Consciousness - Christof Koch, Bruce McNaughton, Valerie Gray Hardcastle
Experimental Factors in Consciousness - Benjamin Libet, Gary Schwartz, Randall Cork
Sub-Neural Mechanisms of Consciousness I - Karl Pribram, Stuart Hameroff, Djuro Koruga
Sub-Neural Mechanisms of Consciousness II - Michael Conrad, John Watterson, Jack Tuszynski
Quantum Theory and Consciousness I - Roger Penrose, Mari Jibu, Kunio Yasue, Walter Schempp

Quantum Theory and Consciousness II - Danah Zohar, Ezio Insinna, Fred Wolf
Emergent Phenomena - Chris Barrett, Steen Rasmussen, Arthur J. Deikman
Hierarchical Organization - Eric Harth, Nils Baas, Alwyn Scott
Neural Networks - John Taylor, Judith Dayhoff, Andrew Wuensche
Phenomenology - Andrew Weil, Dharma Singh, Khalsa, Brian Josephson
Overview - Walter Freeman, I.N. Marshall, Arthur Winfree, Willis Harman


1994BrainMindBulletin(June/July 1994) Vol 19, 9/10

2.  International

     Co-Sponsored TSC - Science of Consciousness


2019 upcoming....Interlaken, Switzerland



2015 Helsinki, Finland  

Toward a Science of Consciousness

University of Helsinki - June 9-13, 2015


Link to TSC 2015 - Abstracts

Consciousness Central TV - Coverage of the TSC Helsinki Conference

2015 Helsinki Consciousness Central TV

Abstract book:
full program


2013 Agra, India 

Toward a Science of Consciousness:

East-West Views on Brain, Mind and Reality

March 3-9, 2013: Dayalbagh Educational Institute

Link to TSC 2013 - Abstracts    

Agra Conference Announcement    

Eastern Philosophy Meets Western Science at the Taj Mahal

assorted video from Agra


2013 abstracts


2011 Stockholm, Sweden    

The 18th Toward a Science of Consciousness  

MAY 2-8, 2011

illustration by D. Cantrell

Link to 2011 TSC Abstracts

The 18th Toward a Science of Consciousness STOCKHOLM SWEDEN  

End of Life Brain Activity Session, Peter Fenwick Plenary 'Toward a Science for Death Related Phenomenon and Consciousness;

P Fenwick link to video 

Photos from Stockholm - Penrose/Hameroff

Additional Photos from Stockholm


2009 Hong Kong, China

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2009  


Investigating Inner Experience -  Brain, Mind, Technology   

JUNE 11-14, 2009       




2007 Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Foundation for Cognitive Science, Eotvos University 

Quantum Mind 3

July 17-21, 2007  

2007 Salzburg Austria

Gustav Bernroider, University of Salzburg


2005 Copenhagen, Denmark

2003 Prague, Czech Republic

2001 Skovde, Sweden

1999 Tokyo, Japan

1997 Elsinore, Denmark

1995 Ischia, Italy





3.  Quantum Mind Conferences 1999-2003


2003, Quantum Mind

Quantum Mind 3 July 17-21, 2007, University of Salzburg







1999 QM-1 Quantum Approaches Program

QM1 Quantum Mind Conference 1999 - The first Quantum Mind conference was held at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona in August 1999 Over 100 participants attended.


1999, Quantum Mind 1, Flagstaff AZ


Quantum Brain Theory and Consciousness
- Lecture by Prof. Hameroff -

DATE: Octorber 3 (Saturday), 1998

TIME: 14:00-16:30

PLACE: Advanced Medical Research Center for Heavy Ions,

National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), STA, Japan

9-1, Anagawa-4, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi 263-8555 JAPAN


Consciousness Bulletin 1997

Can Neuroscience Explain Consciousness?

Society for Neuroscience Satellite Symposium
Organized by the Center for Consciousness Studies
at The University of Arizona
Sponsored by the Fetzer Institute
October 25, 1997

Consciousness Bulletin 1998 (.pdf file)

  Scientific American article chronicled Tucson II conference          

London Times Higher Education Supplement prepared a special insert

for "Tucson II" and uploaded audio recordings of all plenary talks each evening.

The Times Higher, April 5, 1996                                                                                                                                                   

Special Edition

Toward a New Science of the Mind: Tucson 1996


1994 "Tucson I" Conference Flyer  




Early Tucson

Tucson, Arizona provides the setting of the
Toward a Science of Consciousness conferences.

Discussions started in poster sessions sometimes
carry on until the lights are switched off.



Consciousness Bulletin 1999 (.pdf file)

Facilitating Emotional Awareness
1999 Consciousness Studies Summer Institute
July 13-17, 1999
The Seasons, Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo, Michigan